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Crimsafe Installation Brisbane.

Crimsafe have built a reputation for helping Australians feel safe and secure in their homes and businesses, by providing strong, dependable security screens, doors and windows. 

Crimsafe products are unparalleled in the market, whether it be for your home business or commercial property, we have the solution.

We can provide you with custom-built Crimsafe screens to fit any size or type of opening, including fixed, hinged or sliding doors and windows.

Crimsafe Technology

Tensile-Tuff® mesh

At 0.9mm in diameter, Crimsafe’s 304 grade tensile stainless steel mesh is up to 26% thicker than most other mesh products on the market, making it harder to cut or penetrate.  Tensile-Tuff® mesh is designed to be resistant to a range of attacks including impact attacks, knife attacks and other kinds of force.

Thanks to a unique and innovative design, Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff® screens are too tough to be pulled down, as they offer no leverage opportunity for a tooled attack.

Crimsafe is also designed and built to provide energy efficiency for your home, performing as a UV filter while still allowing cooling breezes to pass through while you’re safely inside. Crimsafe screens will not corrode with normal use, and have been tested to perform above and beyond the industry standard. 

Screw-Clamp™ technology

Crimsafe Screw-clamps have a unique way of mechanically fastening to the mesh, resisting the common failing of other mesh screens to be pulled out of their frame. This is what gives Crimsafe the strength to withstand enormous forces and impacts.

Crimsafe products don’t just protect you against break-ins and attacks on your home. You’re also protected against potential harm from cyclones. Crimsafe security screens have been tested against cyclone debris and proven to withstand winds up to 392km/h.

Safeguard your home against bushfire embers with Crimsafe screens. Our security screens and security doors protect your home and glass against the risk of burning embers and make for a great ally in bushfire-prone areas

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